An example about mobbing

WARNING !!! automatic translation from Polish

  Mrs. Honorata was mobbed at her workplace. The boss in the presence of colleagues mocked her, she was called to his office, where she was called out, insulted her and it was suggested that it would be better if she dismissed herself from the workplace. This pathological situation lasted nearly two years, which led Mrs. Honorata to deep depression, as a result of which she was on sick leave for two months.

The idea of returning to work and the subsequent attacks from the boss caused Mrs. Honorata to fear and relapse.

This situation caused that Honorata decided to terminate the employment contract immediately, justifying her decision by the lack of respect for the dignity and personal rights of the employer.

Ms. Honorata also decided to bring the case to court for compensation for the damage suffered, demanding the amount of PLN 15,000.

The court of first instance awarded her PLN 11,000, which the employer had to pay.

  Mr. Marek is a new employee of the company Y. The head of the department in which he works decided to assign him a workplace in a room completely isolated from the rest of employees, in which there was no basic working tool which is a computer.

Despite this fact, Mr. Marek was assigned tasks that were impossible to perform without the help of computer programs.

The manager accuses incompetence and made public comments about the work of Mr. Mark and forbade his colleagues any help as a new employee.

This situation lasts 6 months. Mr. Marek feels humiliated, alienated and intimidated.